Santa Capital and Berlin Technologie Holding join Multirotor

Geschrieben am 12/11/2015
  • The technology and growth investor consortium consisting of Santa Capital (Santa) and Berlin Technologie Holding (BTH) are making a major strategic investment into Multirotor
  • By joining the market leader the investors are expanding their portfolio in the growth market of unmanned aerial robots and drones.

Berlin, 5 November 2015 – The technology and growth investor consortium consisting of Santa and BTH acquires a stake in Multirotor and will become a financially strong partner for developing the business in the future. The new shareholders of Multirotor have already made several investments in the technology sector in the past.

Multirotor is the global market leader in the field of professional, unmanned, remote-controlled micro drones in the  film, industry and surveying sector. Multirotor serves customers such as Trimble, the German Armed Forces, Police, ZDF, Acciona, etc.

The investor consortium is investing in B2B business models and especially where established industrial sectors experience fundamental disruption through new technologies. We observe this increasingly in the area of commercial flying robots and drones that herald the next era of automation in various industries. “Drones are often still a vision of the future in the public‘s perception. PR-suitable presentations by major trading and logistics companies contribute to shaping this image. Still, they offer significant cost and time savings for many industrial fields of application already today. Examples include the surveying industry, agriculture, plant inspection as well as building and property protection. In this sectors highly profitable business models are already in place, which we think is very exciting,“ says Dr. Frank Nikolaus, Managing Partner at Santa.

It is Multirotor‘s long-term goal to strengthen its leading market position with its new strategic partners and to expand into new segments and areas of application through technological innovation. “The network of our new partners is excellent, especially in the technology sector, both in Europe and in other growth markets such as the UAE or the US. What‘s more, the new partners perfectly complement our engineering expertise by contributing their knowledge from other technology companies, especially when it comes to scaling up the business. We did not initially expect this,“ says Oliver Knittel, Managing Director of Multirotor. Joern-Carlos Kuntze, Managing Partner of BTH, adds: “Multirotor is a true hidden champion Made-in-Germany. Away from the hype triggered by the logistic visions of major trading companies, they managed to establish themselves as a market leader in highly profitable fields of application, such as surveying and flight film. The global cooperation with the market leader Trimble reflects the enormous potential of this young company. We are looking forward to a cooperative future and to do business together.“

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The company, founded in March 2011 by Volker Rosenblatt and Oliver Knittel, has sold more than 600 systems and thrives to become the industry leader in the field of flying cameras for commercial, industrial and institutional use. In the fall of 2014 the company won the ARTIE Innovation Award 2014 with their newly developed MULTIROTOR G4 flight control system and successfully claimed the top-spot of innovative industrial applications with the likewise newly developed surveying flight robot, the MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying Robot. Multirotor has also developed product solutions for other sectors such as agriculture and logistics.

In the spring 2015 Trimble® and Multirotor agreed upon an exclusive OEM partnership for the development and production of the Trimble® ZX5, which was introduced to the market at the INTERGEO 2015 in September.

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